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    • The Radiology Cares campaign is designed to help radiology professionals optimize their patients’ experiences throughout their radiologic care. Increased engagement – by you or your staff – helps improve your patients’ awareness and appreciation for the integral role you play in their healthcare. In addition, patient-centered practice enhances their understanding and comfort with their radiology tests and procedures and empowers them to make better informed decisions about their healthcare. Radiology Cares’ resources and educational materials will help you take patient-centered radiology from concept to practice, from scheduling through follow-up communications to better align your practice with your patients’ needs. About »

    • Available Resources


      Use resources from these toolkits to learn how to become more patient-centered in your practice, to encourage your colleagues to join the movement and to improve awareness of radiologists’ essential role in the patient care continuum.


      Practice Resources »

      Customizable patient-centered communication materials for use in your practice, plus examples from other radiology practices.


      Educational Toolkit »

      Our index to resources about the movement to become patient centered from experts, scientific journals, medical trade publications, mainstream consumer media and videos.


      Presentation Decks »

      Customizable PowerPoint presentation decks to help you convey the importance of radiologists being patient centered to your colleagues and communities.


      The Caring Quilt »

      The Caring Quilt: Messages from Our Patients illustrates radiology’s impact on patient care by highlighting patients’ expressions of appreciation for the radiology professionals who went above-and-beyond in caring for them.


      RadiologyInfo.org »

      Direct your patients to RadiologyInfo.org for information on more than 200 radiologic tests, treatments, procedures and safety topics.

    • Video "Radiology Cares: Patient Stories"


      Radiology Cares: Patient Stories

      Download or link to our “Patient Stories” video to help you communicate how patient-centered radiology can positively impact patients’ lives. Shorter versions of the video (3 minutes and 4 minutes) are available upon request at RadiologyCares@rsna.org.

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      Send questions and comments to: RadiologyCares@rsna.org.

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